Press/Video: Sebastian Stan’s Quarantine Winter Soldier Workout – The coronavirus may have put ‘The Falcon & Winter Soldier,’ on hold, but he’s been staying positive and active in the meantime Watch Sebastian Stan give his thoughts on being quarantined, working out at home, and more.

Also Sebastian’s trainer has created an app to give you the experience of “Train like an Avenger with Sebastian Stan’s soldier program”, Winter Soldier Workout Program.

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  1. It was good to see Sebastian Stan staying healthy and to hear how he is working through the quarantine – thank you for having the chat with him. I am a caregiver and have found it so challenging to maintain my own health and sanity for a very long time – it was only in December 2019 that I reach the edge and refocused my thoughts and life. I have been working out on my own, walking a lot, eating better and healthier and have managed to lose 50 lbs as of last Friday, 3/20. Making progress but finding it tough to maintain doing it alone – it was really encouraging to hear others experience similar things. Stay healthy and safe!

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