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Photos: ‘The Covenant’, ‘I,Tonya’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ Production Stills

I’ve added 1 new high quality still of Sebastian as Jeff from the film ‘I, Tonya’, as well as 1 new high quality still of Sebastian as Chase from the film ‘The Covenant’. I’ve also added 24 new stills of Sebastian as Carter Baizen from ‘Gossip Girl’ in the gallery varying in high quality and medium quality .


Photos: ‘The Covenant’ Screen Captures (updated quality)

I’ve added/updated over 500+ high quality Blu-Ray Captures of Sebastian in The Covenant to the gallery. Thank you to for the help


Photos: ‘The Covenant’ & ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Extras Screen Captures

I’ve added over 100+ medium quality Extra Screen Captures of Sebastian in DVD Extras for Hot Tub Time Machine and The Covenant to the gallery.


The Covenant Blu-ray Captures

I’ve added blu-ray captures of Seb from his role as Chase Collins in the 2006 sci-fi fantasy film The Covenant into the gallery. You can view those below: