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Photos: ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ 1×03-1×06 Screen Captures + Episodic Stills

Hey everyone! So, I’ve finally had some free time and have been working hard to get the site caught up. With that said, I’ve added over 1000 high quality screen captures of Sebastian from the Disney+ series ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ which aired in early 2021.

In addition to the screen captures I’ve also added additional high quality episodic stills from the series as well.


Photos: Huge Movie Captures Update

Hey guys! I know it’s been kind of quiet from my end in regards to updates and without diving into details I’ll just say life hasn’t been super nice in regards to having time or motivation to work on the site. However, in my downtime I’ve finally gotten all of Sebastian’s previously released films capped and uploaded into the gallery. You can check those out below by clicking the links to the gallery.


Sebastian Attends European Premiere of ‘Civil War’

Sebastian was looking extremely handsome as he joined his Captain America: Civil War co-stars Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen, Emily Van Camp, Jeremy Renner and Daniel Bruhl for the European Premiere of the film in London on April 26th.

Check back later as I continue to add photos from the event.


Sebastian Stan Fan Celebrating 2 Years Online!

Sebastian Stan Fan officially celebrated it’s second year online yesterday, September 4th! I have to admit, I never thought the site would be as popular as it is only two years into its online existence, but I am very proud. It’s amazing what a difference two years can make, not only in regards to my site but for Sebastian’s career. Nothing but big things for him in the future, I know it.

Anyway, thank you all for visiting and helping me support Sebastian and his incredible talent. Here’s to another year!


100 Monologues: ‘Highway’ Captures

I’ve added 154 HD captures of Sebastian from his performance of ‘Highway’ by Eric Bogosian.


Hot Tub Time Machine Captures

I have added high definition captures of Sebastian from his role as Blaine in the 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine. You can check those out in the gallery now.


Sebastian Stan Fan Celebrating 1 Year Online!

It seems amidst everything I completely overlooked the site’s one-year anniversary which fell on September 4th! So, in light of my discovery, I would like to thank everyone who has visited and supported the site since it opened and continue to do so. I realize that I haven’t been the best webmiss, as many things are still missing from the gallery, but rest assured, I am aware and intend on remedying this as soon as my schedule allows. In the meantime, I will be sure to continue keeping you all up to date on the latest news and photos. Here’s to another year! 🙂


Happy Birthday Sebastian!

I would like to wish a spectacularly memorable birthday to the man himself as he celebrates the big 3-0 today! Happy Birthday, Seb!


Grand Opening of Sebastian Stan Fan!

Welcome to the official grand opening of Sebastian Stan Fan! I’m so very excited to finally have the site open. I’ve been a fan of Sebastian’s for some time now, and I’m actually surprised it’s taken me this long to finally create a site for him but everything in it’s own due time I suppose. 🙂

I hope you find the site easy to browse, and enjoy the page content including the still growing gallery! I’m still in the process of adding all his projects, more specifically captures from said projects so hang tight!

Thanks for visiting!