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Photo/Video: ‘Kings’ 2008 Comic Con Interview (w/ Screen Captures)

I’ve added a new/old 2008 Comic Con Interview where Sebastian promoted ‘Kings’ below to watch. I’ve also added 200+ Screen Captures to the gallery.


Photos: New/Old Production Stills (The Apparition, Monday, The 355, Fresh, Pam & Tommy)

Tiny surprise update! I’ve added 9 total new UHQ production stills of Sebastian in ‘The Apparition’, ‘Monday’ ‘The 355’, ‘Pam & Tommy’ and ‘Fresh’ to the gallery.


Photos: More New Cannes Photos (includes Cannes Roundup Posts) + New ‘Pam & Tommy’ Stills – Post V

Tiny update! I’ve added 30+ new photos from Sebastian attending Cannes photocall as well as 3 brand new stills from ‘Pam & Tommy’ to the gallery. For the other Cannes round up posts (including video of all of the events) check Cannes Post I Cannes Post II, Cannes Post III ,and Cannes Post VI.


Photos: ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ Blu-Ray Extras (Screen Captures)

I’ve added over 100+ screen captures of Sebastian in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Blu-Ray Extras. The series is now on Blu-Ray and 4k today.


Photos: New/Old Filmography Stills (355, Fresh, Sharper, Monday, Dumb Money, Pam + Tommy), + More

I’ve added over 40+ new photos of Sebastian in various films and TV projects (355, Fresh, Sharper, Monday, Dumb Money, Pam + Tommy), I’ve also added better quality of the A Different Man cast portraits at Sundance as well as more photos of more of Sebastian a few weeks ago at Film At Lincoln Center And MoMA Present Opening Night Of New Directors/New Films 2024


Photo/ Video: Sebastian’s Cameo in “Bupkis”

I’ve added Screen Captures of the cameo of Sebastian’s role as Himself in “Bupkis” to the gallery. He’s featured at the end of episode six entitled “ISO”. I’ve also linked to video of the cameo below. Enjoy.


Photos: ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ + ‘Kings’ Episodic and Production Stills

I’ve added 4 new high quality stills of Sebastian as Jack Benjamin from ‘Kings’, I’ve also added 2 new stills of Sebastian as Charles Blackwood from ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ in the gallery.


Photos: ‘The Covenant’, ‘I,Tonya’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ Production Stills

I’ve added 1 new high quality still of Sebastian as Jeff from the film ‘I, Tonya’, as well as 1 new high quality still of Sebastian as Chase from the film ‘The Covenant’. I’ve also added 24 new stills of Sebastian as Carter Baizen from ‘Gossip Girl’ in the gallery varying in high quality and medium quality .


Audio/Interview: Sebastian on ‘Podcrushed’ w/ Penn Badgley

The newest episode of Podcrushed was released today with the guest being none other than Sebastian!

Episode Summary: We’re back from hiatus! Sebastian Stan (Pam & Tommy, Fresh, I Tonya, the Marvel franchise, etc.) joins us to talk about moving to America in eighth grade, losing himself in his roles, and memories of Penn from their time together on the set of Gossip Girl.

You can check out the interview wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts (Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio etc) — or simply hit the play button on the player below via Spotify!


News/Video: Lily James & Sebastian Stan On Disappearing Into The Roles Of ‘Pam & Tommy’

Deadline – Lily James & Sebastian Stan On Disappearing Into The Roles Of ‘Pam & Tommy’

[Note: * The panel is available at the article link and the screencaps for it were posted here]

One of the jaw-dropping moments from this past Emmy season has been watching British period actress and Downton Abbey star Lily James go full on blonde bombshell as tabloid tortured Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson in Hulu’s limited series Pam & Tommy, up for ten Primetime nominations. Ditto for Sebastian Stan, known for his work as Marvel anti-hero Bucky Barnes, who went total method in transforming himself into acerbic, off-the-wall Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who loved Pam so dearly that it arguably took a toll on her career back in the 1990s.

The Robert Siegel-D.V. DeVincentis-Seth Rogen executive produced series based on the Rolling Stone Amanda Chicago Lewis article sheds light on how the couple’s homemade sex tape became public. In short, they didn’t leak it. It all boiled down to contractor Rand Gauthier, played by Rogen, who was greatly cheated out of cash by the drummer. Gauthier broke into the couple’s safe, made copies of the tape and sold it to some riches, before the video was in turn stolen from him, seeped widely onto the booming internet of the early 1990s.

James, Stan, Rogen, Seigel and DeVincentis spoke with us for a special Deadline virtual screening of Pam & Tommy.

James, commenting on the “very long process” of how she metamorphized herself into the airy Anderson, tells us “I was very intrigued by the way she spoke, and her humor deflecting, the way she held herself”. The Cinderella actress delve into every single interview, and when that make-up was slapped on, she was in another realm.

Siegel comments, “People come with certain assumptions about Pam” and part of the show entailed “proving them (the audience) wrong and subverting them.” Likewise, the casting of James in the role of the Barb Wire star played into that motif. No one saw James’ sublime disappearing act coming.

For Stan, diving into Lee entailed “repetition every day” over a month’s prep.

“I’d have this routine, get up in the morning, fast for a while, get 20k steps in…and listen to interviews that I had put together. The drum teacher would come by in the afternoon,” Stan explains as he worked on the drummer’s classic stick twirl.

Pam & Tommy‘s Emmy nominations include Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, Lead Actress in a Limited Series (James), Lead Actor in a Limited Series (Stan), Supporting Actor in a Limited Series (Rogen), Casting for Limited or Anthology Series, Outstanding Contemporary Costumes, Limited or Anthology Series Single Camera Picture Editing, Period-Character Hair, Period-Character Makeup, and Limited or Anthology Series Sound Mixing.