Sebastian Attends Jill Hennessy Album release party

I’ve added high quality photos of Seb from the event which took place on October 5th.

1 Comment on “Sebastian Attends Jill Hennessy Album release party”

  1. Short hair, short hair, when will Sebastian go back to his clean cut look… It’s not my hair, but I’m struggling with this long hair on him. How long is the post production period anyway, how long do we have to have this look?

    Don’t get me wrong, his cute personality (when he fidgets in his chair) and his many talents are still shinning through; but his clean cut look to me matches the outside with his inside. Not so much with the longer hair. I check his site, to see what’s new with him and his projects, and to see if he has cut his hair back to the way we, I mean he prefers it…chuckle.

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