Behind The Site

Sebastian Stan Fan was established in September of 2012 under the original domain name of which was later changed in August of 2015. The site was originally founded by Carol L. who maintained it from the day it opened in September 2012 until July of 2022 when she transferred ownership to a new webmaster named Samantha.

Paparazzi / Gossip Policy

Sebastian Stan Fan maintains a strict policy of respecting the privacy of Sebastian and his day to day life outside of his career and, therefore remains paparazzi free. Pictures of him not working will not be posted on this site. This includes photos of him seen out and about shopping or going for a walk with family or friends. Should you wish to view those photos at your own discretion you will have to find them elsewhere. The only photos taken by the paparazzi which can be found here are those of which were taken while filming projects providing he appears to be comfortable with the photographer’s presence around the set. As we all know Sebastian works very hard and, like everyone else, has the right to privacy. With that said, our aim is to respect Sebastian as much as is possible while providing a friendly and up-to-date source for his career to the fans. So yes, our site is committed to staying away from rumors and gossip while posting only news that is confirmed to the best of our knowledge and is pertinent to Sebastian and his career only.

Support The Site

All money donated goes to help pay the costs of hosting, domain renewal, magazines, videos and other goodies that I share on the site.


Many thanks to the following list of wonderful and generous fans who have donated a little money to help keep the site online and updated with high quality goodies for all to have. You guys are my super heroes!