Additional Captain America: The Winter Soldier Interviews (Video)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier B-Roll Footage (Video)

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ stars swoop in on Daily News and Disney/Marvel screening for kids of U.S. military members

I have added 5 photos of Sebastian with his Winter Soldier co-star Anthony Mackie from the event into the gallery. You can also read the article and interview with both men over at

Sebastian Talks Marvel’s Dark Side with MovieWeb

Sebastian Talks Marvel’s Dark Side with MovieWeb

You can read Sebastian’s interview in full over at

Going into Captain America: The First Avenger, I have to imagine you were hoping to get a chance to play Winter Soldier. Were they ever discussing plans for that during the first movie, or did they come to you with the story much later?

Sebastian Stan: The whole story was brought to me before we shot the first movie. I didn’t really know where they were going to take the sequel next, or even if we were going to have a sequel, at the time. We were still making the movie, which is why when people start talking about the next film now, it’s the same thing. The movie has to come out, so I didn’t really know, at all. In the script, there were certain things about Bucky Barnes, he wasn’t written linear. There were peaks and valleys and some dark undertones, and that kind of made me feel like this is a chance to show various colors of things, depending on how it’s going to go.

I read you really embraced the training aspects of this, especially with the knives. Even before I saw the movie, that knife fight part in the trailer was one of the coolest things I had seen in awhile.

Sebastian Stan: Yeah, you’ve got to credit our stunt guys. I had this amazing stuntman, James Young, and he was teaching me everything, in terms of the knife training. Yeah, we got into it, because we had the time and we really wanted to get it. It was fun. I mean, Chris (Evans) had been in a number of action movies, but I don’t think any of us had learned this type of sequenced, choreographed type of fighting. This was something that, if there was a shot that would take three minutes, we would break it up and it took awhile. We took advantage of trying to do as much as we could.

The Winter Soldier’s look is so menacing and awesome, and you know right away this guy is bad. It was like one of those Darth Vader moments, where you see this guy and you know he’s the real deal. Can you talk about the actual costume you had to wear and the arm. Was there a lot of bulk to it, or were you still able to move around in it rather well?

Sebastian Stan: There was a lot of bulk to it. The way that the costume came together is it was made from five different pieces, and flexibility was definitely an issues, one we couldn’t have really known, because we weren’t rehearsing with the costumes on. We just saw how flexible we were once we got on set. It was tough. We went through some periods where we ripped a bunch of the costumes, just flying by the seat of your pants, a little bit. The arm was very specific. There were a couple of them, some more mobile than others. The ones that were more immobile were actually the better looking ones that looked cooler, so I always wanted to have that one. By the end, we just really adjusted to that.

Sebastian Visits Good Morning America! (Video)

Sebastian Visits Good Morning America! (Video)

Sebastian was on Good Morning America this morning to promote Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is in theaters now! You can watch his interview below, as well as view captures in the gallery!

A very big thank you to my friend Pedro of for the video!

Sebastian Attends Montblanc 90th Celebration

Check out Sebastian and his Captain America co-star Anthony Mackie at the 90th Celebration of The Iconic Meisterstuck from April 3rd!

Sebastian Talks Injuries, That Hair & His Action Figure with TooFab!

Sebastian Talks Injuries, That Hair & His Action Figure with TooFab! — Bucky Barnes has gone to the dark side!

Sebastian Stan returns as Captain America’s BFF in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” but he’s got a whole new look and one baaaaad personality.

Though he was presumed dead after the events in “The First Avenger,” Barnes reappears in the present day as a ruthless, brainwashed assassin with a bionic arm.

toofab’s Brian Particelli sat down with Stan before the film’s US premiere, where they talked about his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, picking up the fast-paced fight choreography, and, most importantly, who had the best hair flip on set.

“Listen, in that department I think Black Widow’s got everybody beat,” Stan says with a laugh.

“Pretty much all of it was mine and it was a lot,” he adds, talking about his mane in the flick. “I actually kept a lot of it for a couple months afterwards for as long as I could. I felt like a whole other person and sometimes you want that.”

It’s true, he looks like a totally different person in this movie — sporting a costume straight out of the Marvel comics.

“Thank God I actually have a cool costume and it’s not like a weird one,” says Stan. “It helped everything because it was just such a transformation for me. There’s a little kid thing about it, because you’re like ‘Wow! You guys really took this off the page!'”

The 30-year-old actor says he didn’t find out his character would return until two years after “The First Avenger,” though he thinks Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige probably knew “maybe a week after the first one came out.”

He tells toofab he has a “really good time” playing this character — and loved doing the fight scenes for this sequel. Continue reading

Entertainment Weekly Photo Session and High Quality Scans Added!

I’ve added high quality scans from Entertainment Weekly as well as their gorgeous new photoshoot with Sebastian! Thanks to my friend Claudia for the scans!

Massive Photo Sessions Update!

So I finally went through all my photo sessions of Sebastian and added the additional outtakes I’ve accumulated as well as replace some photos with larger versions. Enjoy guys!

Intelligence on ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ star Sebastian Stan

Intelligence on ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ star Sebastian Stan

NAME Sebastian Stan

AGE 31

ORIGIN Born in Romania, moved to Rockland County, N.Y., at age 12.

KNOWN WHEREABOUTS In addition to Captain America: The First Avenger, Stan has appeared on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and in the film Black Swan. Last winter he starred on Broadway in Picnic.

ALIAS The Winter Soldier, a bioengineered assassin with a robotic arm, rumored to be the perpetrator of some of the 20th century’s most notorious political killings. In his previous life he was Bucky Barnes, an American -soldier who served alongside Steve Rogers/Captain America, but went missing in action and was presumed dead.

WEAPON OF CHOICE That fearsome mechanical arm his character sports in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is often digitally enhanced. On set, Stan wore a chrome-painted rubber sheath marked with motion-capture dots. After several weeks of filming, it looked like the battered aluminum ventilation hose on a clothes dryer. “It’s gotten more flexible over time,” Stan told EW during filming. “It’s a lot like breaking in a shoe. Sometimes, by the end of the day, I forget I have it on.”

MOTIVATION Real-life heroes, actually. “There is a bionic arm that certain amputees can use if their nerve endings are still there,” Stan says. “Most guys have the option of choosing an arm that looks like a human arm, and they all pick the robotic arm. It’s like ‘I am who I am.’ That grounded the character for me.”


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