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Welcome Established in September of 2012 Sebastian Stan Fan is your top fan source for the latest news and photos on the career of Romanian actor Sebastian Stan. Sebastian is known for his notable role as fan favorite Bucky Barnes, from the Marvel franchise Captain America. However Sebastian is also known for his other roles in both film and television including Gossip Girl, Political Animals, The Covenant, and The Martian to name a few. Be sure to save our link and check back often for the latest on Sebastian!

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‘Tony ‘N’ Tina’s Wedding’ Captures

Alright you guys! After what feels like forever I’ve finally added the captures of Sebastian as Johnny from the 2004 film Tony ‘N’ Tina’s Wedding. The captures aren’t too great as it predates the awesome Blu-ray kind of quality we get nowadays, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

You can check out Sebastian in all his baby-faced glory in the gallery now! 😉

Sebastian Attends New York Screening of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

Sebastian Attends New York Screening of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

Sebastian was sporting some serious scruff (but some fantastic hair!) as he attended the New York Screening of Marvel’s newest film Doctor Strange on November 1st. You can check out high quality photos from the event in the gallery now! 🙂

Sebastian Attends The Skin Cancer Foundation Champions for Change Gala

Sebastian stepped out looking as handsome as ever to attend the The Skin Cancer Foundation Champions for Change Gala in New York on October 18th. You can check out the photos from the event in the gallery now. 😉

Sebastian Attends 2nd Annual Unitas Gala Against Human Trafficking

Sebastian was looking handsome as he posed for photos at the 2nd Annual Unitas Gala Against Human Trafficking event which took place on September 14th.

Sebastian Filming ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ – August 9th

I’ve added a ton of photos of Sebastian seen filming his newest project We Have Always Lived in the Castle in Dublin, Ireland from August 9th (which just happened to be my birthday) into the gallery. Enjoy! 🙂

Sebastian Attends New York Screening of ‘Undrafted’

Sebastian posed with actor Joe Mazzello at the New York Screening of ‘Undrafted’ on July 18th. You can view the photos in our gallery now.

Sebastian Attends Todd Snyder Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week

Sebastian stepped out earlier today to attend the Todd Snyder “Men’s S/S 2017” fashion show at New York Fashion Week. You can check out photos in our gallery now.

GQ Magazine: Sebastian Stan on Social Media, Style, and Life After Captain America

GQ Magazine: Sebastian Stan on Social Media, Style, and Life After Captain America

While Sebastian Stan has been working consistently for the past decade—in movies like Black Swan and last year’s The Martian, and the TV shows Gossip Girl and Once Upon a Time—this summer he got a high-profile break with a vastly expanded role in the film Captain America: Civil War. As Bucky, Stan became a vital role to the latest chapter in the Marvel film series, starring alongside GQ Style cover Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Mackie. And speaking of GQ Style, Stan tried on the season’s slickest sunglasses for the debut issue. We caught up with the actor last week on one of those perfect NYC spring days, the kind that give him anxiety, and talked social media, his relationship with the fashion community, and his thoughts on Bucky and Captain America’s rumored gay relationship.

GQ: Are you based in New York?
I am, I am. I’m seeing this beautiful weather right now. It’s so pretty it’s giving me anxiety.

Because I feel like I have to go live life, every day.

What do you do when it’s nice out, to take advantage?
Oh, the usual. Just run six miles, read a novel, go out until three. Everything. [laughs] I’m joking. Probably like five minutes of each of those things.

Can you just run around the streets?
Yeah, it’s New York. Nobody cares. I ran by the West Side Highway yesterday; it was fantastic.

Do you ever get double takes?
No, but today I did run into a fan on the street that I recognize from some of the conventions. Some of the fans are so loyal you end up seeing them again and again at different things. So I ran into her on the street, and you always think, Oh, hey. I thought I know you. But then you think…Is this really a coincidence? I never try to share my location, you know?

You mean on social media?
Yeah. Well, I was so against social media for such a long time, but now I can’t live without it.

You’re very active on Instagram.
It’s part of the world that we’re in now, it really is. I understand the way that it fits into my business, in all of our businesses. Like the other night at the CFDA Awards, where I went with Todd Snyder; it was a great opportunity. A) It was a fun night, and B) It’s a great partnership. And then I feel like you have to connect with fans; individual connection is important. It never used to be that way. It used to be—I’m talking 30, 40 years ago—the less people knew about you, the better, the more different roles you could play. There’s a pro and a con to the whole thing. What I find is that the individual connections you have with fans that transpire—once you get a great message or see some artwork, it’s really humbling. I see it as a plus in that regard.

You have a strong theater background. Will you be doing more of that anytime soon?
I love it. I wish I could do more of it. With theater, it’s about a more specific window. It comes down to availability. The commitment there is every night, eight shows a week, and I feel like it’s even more important to connect with the material and to really like what you’re doing, because you’re doing the same thing every night. So you’re looking for something like that, but that fits in a very specific window. It’s not easy to find that, but I’m always looking for it. Theater is the most challenging thing to do, it’s just you out there with no rope. You can’t call time out, you’re on a roller coaster.

You went to that famous theater camp, Stagedoor Manor, when you were younger. What was that experience like?
It was a magical, magical place. The time that I was there was a very particular time. First of all, there were no cell phones. The first thing they did when you get there is say you’re not allowed to contact your parents, you’re not allowed to contact your friends. There were no distractions. You were forced to embrace your environment. It breaks you out of your shell, and I ended up with some amazing friendships from there. I met my manager there, and we’ve been together for 17 years. It’s a really special place. It was heartbreaking saying goodbye and going home. It was fucking real, man. This was before Glee! This was like, are you at the cool table or not? Or at the respected table. There are always hierarchies and stuff—it’s just a product of those environments—but at Stagedoor, everyone was embraced. Continue reading

Wizard World Philadelphia Fan Photos (Add-ons)

Check out even more photos of Sebastian posing with fans at Wizard World comic-con which took place in Philadelphia earlier this June. A very big thank you to those who sent their photos in to share!

Backstage Magazine Outtakes

I’ve added additional outtakes of Sebastian from his photoshoot for Backstage Magazine this past May. These are definitely some of my new favorite photos of Seb. What do you think? Have any faves?

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